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ideas.pngGlobal Entrepreneurship Film Festival
Organize an international film-making competition.  Participating teams write short scripts for a film and direct sections of the winning script. The challenge will culminate with semifinalists piecing together their team’s film sections into one international collaborative film.  Variations include mixing countries in teams, creating an international team vs. national team competition, to create the best documentary about entrepreneurship. Another variation is to create a documentary film or fictional movie that explores the entrepreneurial process and challenges faced by entrepreneurs, particularly in the early stages of their business.

World Virtual Idea Contest
Organize an international competition where thousands of people form international teams implement (locally or globally) all possible shelved business ideas from online sources like idea volcano (  

International Innovation Expositions
Organize worldwide fairs of entrepreneurship. Invite entrepreneurs, investors, franchisers, suppliers, innovators etc. to showcase their work to the general public. This event can be organized in a large open space where each vendor sets up a booth to display their product or service to visitors and spectators.
Team Entrepreneurship: Challenge to Improve the World

Participants from all host countries form teams and select a product that improves impoverished parts of the world via international investment opportunities.  One example could address the need for wireless internet computers.  A variation on this could be to have individual international contestants compete with each other to produce a new and intriguing product to market to a specific audience.  Participants will be judged on the creativity, functionality, sustainability, presentation, and budgeting of their idea.

Global Entrepreneurship Music Festival
What “Live Earth” did to raise climate change awareness, this global festival would do to raise awareness of the universal challenges and benefits related to entrepreneurship.  The festival would consist of a series of musical celebrations. Each festival around the world would also include other mass engagement activities such as workshops, art and craft shows, and markets.

International Young Entrepreneur Competition
This activity could be based on the hit U.K. reality show Dragons’ Den, which brings creative minds in front of a panel of investors to convince them to invest in their new business idea.  The grand prize could be either the opportunity to shadow local entrepreneurs, or cash to start-up their own enterprise.

Out with the Old, In with the New -- New Products for Old Companies

Host an international product design and sales competition.  The team who comes up with the hottest-selling item and successfully markets it to a panel of established entrepreneurs wins the opportunity of a lifetime: an offer from a powerful company to be the brains behind their next big idea. Throughout the process, entrepreneurs will share their insights on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Speed-Networking the Globe
Face-to-face, one hour sessions happen for one day to give young entrepreneurs the chance to meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs from all over the world and form new collaborative projects. Live broadcasts can be televised around the world during the event, optimizing the power of social media to create the largest day-long, cross-cultural pollination of entrepreneurship in history.

Global Entrepreneur Race
Race to form a successful international business in 7 days.  The object of the game is to create a business with the greatest profit, lowest environmental footprint, and deepest social impact.  The contest will teach young entrepreneurs the basics of business by introducing them to this game that makes solving international business challenges fun and exciting.   

The Global Entrepreneurship Gazette
To showcase the best and brightest entrepreneurial ideas to change the world, an international online and print newspaper will feature participants and their big ideas.  Using the power of the internet, individual contestants will submit their ideas and semi-finalists will pitch their idea in front of international sponsors and entrepreneurs, to compete for individual grants to start their own businesses.
Entrepreneurial Accelerators
Coordinate a global effort to create national and local incubators as a way to spur economic development.  Every host country could sponsor “accelerator models” with individual roles overseeing different enterprises, simultaneously creating multiple enterprise centers with the purpose of quickly ushering new businesses into society.  

Global Microfinance  
Implement global efforts to leverage microfinance credit targeted to impoverished, but talented and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Global partners help to form local entrepreneurial team networks. These teams then gain access to credit, expand their businesses, and stimulate local economic growth.

The SkillsWall

Global hosts and partners facilitate networking to enable young people to overcome the barriers of forming a team with complementary skills.  Polaroid pictures are taken of participants from all over the world with their 3 top skills written on the bottom.  The polaroid is posted on an online SkillsWall so visitors can see if there is someone out there to help them develop a project.


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Ideas Bank


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