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Global Entrepreneurship Week is going to be host by Republic Agency for the development  of small and medium enterprises from 16-22 of November 2009. The Republic Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises is formed in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises. The Agency acts as legal entity and it is non-profit organization. The Agency strategy is to mobilize all domestic resources (local development agencies, associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, ministries and their services), engage all available foreign donors, agencies and organizations, and in future perform certain activities that will bring measurable results. Agency activities are conducted on three fronts:
  1. Access to knowledge in the function of growth and employment,
  2. Access to financing with the aim of development,
  3. Business environment in creating the conditions and remove barriers.

 Agency activity is also promotion of Entrepreneurship. Global Entrepreneurship Week is part of encouraging awareness of entrepreneurship.

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