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Global Innovation Tournament
Organized by Stanford Technology Venture Program

GIT host-partner toolkit 

The Global Innovation Tournament is an "Apprentice-style" competition that pits students around the world against one another with the goal of promoting innovation. The challenge begins by revealing a common, global problem as the key focal point for contestants. They will have eight days to develop innovative solutions and create as much value as possible. Value can be measured in any number of ways, as long as it successfully implements new ideas and delivers results!

The event is team-based, with no maximum or minimum set on the size of the team. Teams have eight days to execute an idea and create a 3-minute video explaining their work, which is then submitted to YouTube.

Competition comes into play both locally and globally. The first step is selecting a local winner during the Week. To do this, area Hosts will coordinate a panel of judges, made up of local business and civic leaders. A separate panel of judges will then select a global winner from these local winners, shortly after the Week.


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Official Activities



Global Innovation Tournament
Stanford Technology Venture Program


GIT es una competencia "fast track" que reta a estudiantes a resolver problemas en común en sólo 8 días. Las propuestas se postulan via You Tube y compiten a nivel local y global siendo la propuesta más original y de mayor valor la ganadora.


Speednetwork the Globe


 Sencilla y con enomre potencial. La energía que reune el GEW se conecta a través de esta actividad pues Speednetwork the Globe logra provocar interacción valiosa y productiva entre miles de personas en tan sólo unos minutos.



Mentoring Madness

Mentoring Madness, patrocinado por NYSE Euronext, ofrece a emprendedores promienntes y aquellos curiossos que a penas toman sus primeros pasos la posibilidad de hacer preguntas, obtener consejo y buenas respuestas y soluciones de aquellos que ya han acumulado experiencia y, por ende, sabiduría. Este año, Mentoring Madness se llevará a cabo el 16 de Noviembre de las 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.. El moderados será Maria Bartiromo deCNBC en un Panel con la participación de emprendededores de trayectoria incluyendo Blake Mycoskie, fundadora de Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes.


National activities

Coming soon!

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