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The branding

Make sure your events are part of Global Entrepreneurship Week by using our branding materials.  A full pack of our logos can be found on the resources page.

How to use social media

One of the great things about social media is that it you can promote your event for free! While free is good, free and easy is even better, and social media is extremely easy.

To promote your Global Entrepreneurship Week event think about:

Setting up a Facebook page:

You probably already have a personal Facebook profile, but setting up a page for your event can give you all the benefits of having a profile page--adding friends, updating your status, and of course creating events, which you can invite your contacts to.

Setting up a Twitter feed:

Twitter is like a web based text message, you can update any contacts you may with a short message and this can be linked onto any other social media pages you have. Think about creating a Twitter countdown to your Global Entrepreneurship Week event.

Writing a blog:

You’ve probably read a lot of really good blogs and the beauty of them is there ease. You can regularly update your blog with any information you like and can link in pictures and audio.

Getting a local celebrity or high-profile business person

Some of the best press coverage can come from getting a local personality or celebrity to attend your event. It may seem difficult to get a celebrity involved with your event, but it may be possible.  It's always worth asking!

Follow these tips to nabbing a cracking guest:

Think imaginatively! Though it is probably unrealistic that Richard Branson will speak at your event, you may be able to get a local celebrity to turn up. It’s best to think about someone that has a vested interest in the community.

Also, think about:

• Anybody from your community that has been featured positively in a big story either in the local or national news
• Someone from your community that has been on a popular game show or TV programme
• A community or business leader
• A high-profile business person that has strong links to the community--either having been born there, going to school there or living there

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