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National Activities Planned

a.  Igniting Spirit of Entrepreneurship

More than 1000 youth will be reached out to during the Global Entrpreneurship week where they will be encouraged and set to think on considering entrepreneurship as an option. This will be done through the partner organisations where the Mentor Counsellers from the chapters along with the success stories would ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

A BYST Mentor Chapter is a formal group of business mentors, geographically based, and formed under the aegis of BYST. Formed in the lines of similar organizations such as Rotary and Lions Clubs, the Chapters are characterized by specific objectives and goals and by well-defined structure and processes. The overall vision of the chapters is to develop competent, capable, ethical and successful entrepreneurs through the vehicle of mentoring.

The objectives of the chapters are to bring together and develop individuals as competent mentors who in turn will provide service to entrepreneurs through the process of mentoring. This, BYST feels, would foster Networking and through that, help in building enterprises, developing leadership, sharing of information and attainment of sustained and planned growth. 

The Chapters, through their three-tiered organization (National, Regional and Local) and their structure of a local chapter (with a Chair, Vice Chair, Panel of Counselors, Technical Evaluators, Mentor Advisory Panel, Entrepreneur Selection Panel and mentors) acts as a knowledge sharing body and help the new mentors get acquainted with the nuances of mentoring that is then reinforced by pursuing the course. 

To keep the interest of the mentors alive presentations on topics of interest such as financial management, entrepreneurship development etc, are done by members.

The 20 mentor chapters in the  6 offices of BYST spread over India would be involved in this. 

b.  Business Ideas contest 

Awareness on entrepreneurship as an alternative option to livelihood & Motivating the youth to take up entrepreneurship as a career option. Display of Products manufactured by BYST supported entrepreneurs. Contest forms will be circulated among the target group. 

  1. Rural Youth- youth in rural villages of Haryana.
  2. College Students- Many city colleges will be targeted especialy the entrepreneur cell. 

c.  Speed Networking on energy saving

Each mentor chapter that comprises of over 50 mentors and entrepreneurs along with the partner organisations would meet during the month of November and speed network on energy saving. The ideas would go into a think tank on our portal for users. 

d.  Sowing the Seed

Over 1000 small and medium entrepreneurs along with their mentors  to take an oath to help support one another person to become an entrepreneur. 

e.  Online Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums on what is takes to become a succesful entrepreneur. The discussion board during the week will open out to experts opinions.



National Activities Calendar

  GEW -Calender New Delhi Rural Harayna Pune Rural Maharashtra Chennai Hyderabad
A. Ignititing Spirit of Entrepreneurship:             
  Activity : Awarness Generation/Presentation   16th & 21st Nov, 2009 20th  Nov, 2009 20th - 22nd Nov, 2009 16th- 22nd Nov, 2009 16th & 17th /19th /21st Nov, 2009
  Chapter Meeting 18th Nov, 2009   20th Nov, 2009 16th & 17th Nov, 2009 16th -22nd Nov, 2009  
  Campaining/Interactive Session     16th Nov, 2009/19th Nov, 2009 18th & 19th Nov, 2009 17th Nov, 2009 22nd Nov, 2009
  Outreach 17th/19th & 20th Nov, 2009   17th -19th/20th  Nov, 2009   22nd Oct, 2009/16th -22nd Nov, 2009 20th Nov, 2009
  Plan of Action   Awarness Genertion : 200 entreprenerus/ Counselling : 100( both Chapters)   Awarness Generation for 390 entrepreneurs/Counselling for the 390 ent. Awarness Generation for 1500 Entrepreneurs /Counselling for 500 ent.  
B. Business Idea Contest (Haryana & Chennai)            
  Event : Get-Together Programme Get-Together Programme for Winners of Busines Idea Contest Event in ShivajiNagar Chapter Mentor Get-together Flag -off  Event at JNTN
  Date of the Event : 21st Nov, 2009 19th Nov, 2009 21st Nov, 2009 16th/17th Nov, 2009 22nd Nov, 2009 18th Nov, 2009
  Plan of Action :            
C. Speed Networking on Energy Saving            
  Activity :             
  Date :             
  Plan of Action:             
D. Sowing the Seed             
  Activity: Oath Taking in the Event/Programme   Get-together programme where winners of Business Idea Contest would be felicitated Launch of Global Entrepreneruship Week/Get-together   Public Private Parthership for Turning Job Seekers into Job & Wealth Creators  
  Date :   19th Nov, 2009 14th Nov, 2009/22nd Nov, 2009   11th Nov, 2009/21st Nov  
  Plan of Action :     ___No. of Participants taking an oath to create awareness on entrepreneurship    350 Participants taking an oath to create awarness on entrepreneurship and to support grassroots entrepreneurs,  
E.  Online Discussion Forum          
  Topic: What It Takes to Become Successful Entrepreneur          
  Date: 16th Nov, 2009            
  Plan of Action: Available Online for BYST Mentors          

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