Create an innovative

business idea

for combating poverty 

and social exclusion to 

relapse social welfare 



Explore challenge topic

If you succeed you can get a Nobel Peace Prize

 "Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work to reduce poverty through microloans"

"Putting entrepreneurship at the service of society, he fostered the concept of the “social business,” which he has used to develop health clinics, a nutrition program in collaboration with Dannon Yogurt, and the largest cell phone company in Bangladesh, all with the aim of helping people lift themselves out of poverty."




Global Innovation Tournament 2010

Organized by Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) Entrepreneurship is all about leveraging resources and taking action with the goal of creating value. The Global Innovation Tournament 2010 (GIT) is a fast-paced competition that will challenge student teams to solve a mystery challenge in about eight days, creating as much value and impact as possible. Teams must then convey their results in a short video posted to YouTube. The mystery problem will be revealed on November 9 (GMT+2) and submissions will be due Nov 19 (GMT+2). In the past, the assignments involved common, everyday objects. This year it’s a global problem. What will it be? Local organizers conduct the tournament locally, select their respective local winners, and submit them to RISEBA for global judging. Global winners are featured online on the Global Entrepreneurship Week website and receive a certificate of recognition from RISEBA. Any student can register to participate. GIT is an activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week.


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