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Describe your business in 20 words:
XSoft is a software company specialized for development of web oriented business solutions. It contains a small team of experts and has a goal to provide web oriented software to clients, software that will simplify the business processes in their companies, will improve the inter communication and will increase productivity. 

How did you get the idea?
The idea to deal with software origins from the fact that information technologies represent a world of potentials and solutions. One of the strong sides of IT is the characteristic to encourage people and to allow them to be creative, lets them be productive, motivates them to learn continuously and deal with things they thought they cannot learn or do.

How did you start?
We started with e- commerce software. The first XSoft project resulting in end product, called xOnline Store, is e- commerce software for developing online stores over the Internet. This is a software that provides the merchandisers opening and setting their own e- shops.

What was the biggest barrier in your business up until now?
The biggest barrier was our target market- the other companies’ ignorance, first of all about our existence as a young company and than for the existence of our product, the software for developing e- shops over the internet.

Do you think there are enough role models of young people who have set up businesses in Macedonia?
Yes, there are examples of it, but we consider that the number of those examples should be a lot bigger.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about setting up their own business?
To be ready to change the way of thinking and acting. To be open and entrepreneurial towards gaining new skills and knowledge. Toa gain a persistence characteristic. To deal the fact that a whole lot of work is expecting them. If they thought they used to work too much previously, to be clear to them that that was a “piece of cake” in comparison to what expects them. To be ready to stand on their own feet and to rely on their own judgment. To know that you do now own a business from 8am till 3pm and something that will bring them easy money. Own business is a way of life. It is a long-term, risky and serious affair. 

And finally…
Tell us something about you: We are company simple to work for. Our vision is to create a big IT company, strong financially, with highest motivated, loyal and satisfied employees, innovative and always up to date with the newest technologies, developing quality business software and having excellent business relations with its clients. The company should be a challenge for every IT engineer to work for and a synonym for safety and stability for clients.  


 Describe your business in 20 words:

Pi Soft NM is company that provides software solution that is unique in the integrated combination of functionalities, aimed for easy day-to-day work in the organization. The solutions provided by PiSoftNM are scalable, able to support wide range of companies. With this we provide the companies with additional resource, namely add value of their internal organizational process, making their work easier and providing them with tools that enables real time information with real time action-which at the end makes their profit higher and their clients more satisfied.

We were living and working in Germany , where we actually saw the real implementation of software tools in everyday business activities and everyday life.

Our software grew as response to the needs of our clients, firstly international institutions more recently on our great pleasure, Macedonian companies started to realize that each company is unique story, that needs software solution that will enhance its working processes and that the invested software solution is the main infrastructure to the modern way of working, where the right information on time is the most valuable asset, an added value that makes each company different from the competition. We support that type of companies.

In this turbulent time each and every project is special, so we feel that we are still in the beginning of our great journey- implementing software solutions for more efficient work of organization. Our first office is e opened in the premises of the Yes Incubator, where we are still located.

The main issue in our business is the knowledge, so our greatest barrier is still the insufficient information technology literacy of the common Macedonian business leaders and employees. The software solutions have to be taken in account as tools that help them achieving higher results in the profit side, and who does not want to be better, with more assets in their account for investing even more in the business ideas that they have, or just to be able to have normal family life

Do you think there are enough role models of young people who have set up businesses in Macedonia ?


I have been influenced not by one, but rather many great persons from university professors to family members and friends. Working hard is the path for achieving the desired results; continuous learning desire to now more are the things that give me strength to carry on.

The one has to have the strength to learn all the time, to carry out its business obligations and have time to learn more, read more.


 Describe your business in 20 words

“The first Macedonian web shopping centre”-, managed to be realized as an independent business in just a few months, starting from an interesting and innovative idea launched by Biljana Radonjanin and Natasha Muratovska. The web shopping centre is available for the Macedonian public for two months and so far, it has a lot of positive remarks, as for the idea so as for the mode of operation.

The site is simple to navigate and easy to use. The shop contains all the categories as any physical store in which we can walk around and find what we need or like. The only difference is in the way of choosing, paying method and receiving the chosen product, and the working time 24/7.

How did you get the idea?

The idea for opening a Macedonian on-line shop existed for more than a year, but a condition for its implementation was the necessary experience in the sales area, growth in the credit and debit cards usage ratio, safety software from Macedonian banks and, an increased number of Internet users, of course.

The increasing trend of using,, buying and paying over the Internet in Macedonia, alert to the need for existence of a web portal that will offer a wide selection of products with affordable prices, safe payment methods and delivery to the customer.

How did you start?

With applying for membership in the YES Incubator, we developed the web site and communication with the business banks and subcontractors simultaneously.

What was the biggest barrier in your business up until now?

We had barriers, but with the support of the YES Incubator management, we succeeded in out coming them faster than on our own.

Do you think there are enough role models of young people who have set up businesses in Macedonia?

There are enough young people with excellent education and working experience, so that they could start incorporation of their own business, but unfortunately there is a lack of initiative and entrepreneurship spirit among them. Although aware of their capabilities, they would rather involve in delivering someone else’s goal or set mission, not having any participation in their formation than setting their own goal, mission and vision and turn them into tangible results.

What would your advice be to someone thinking about setting up their own business?

We support and salute the decision about starting a business. The only thing we can advice is: if the idea is sustainable- start now!

And finally…

Tell us something about you:

In a period of three months, we are very satisfied by the attendance and the sales of the products that points to a great interest and curiosity by the Macedonian public to add new habits.

This way of shopping is ideal for clients that are Internet users at the age of 18- 55, which are work oriented and don’t have time to shop. They have the opportunity to buy easily and safely over the internet at any time and have a delivery at their home. The wide usage of credit cards from different banks, allows the future clients payment of installments or the whole amount. An additional service is the door- to- door delivery principle for the e- client.

We aim to a greater representation of products from Macedonian origin into the e- shop ant exactly those are the most wanted. The hand made products have a particular value and as unique products attract special attention.

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