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Global Insights: Taking the Local Global

 13 Comments- Add comment Written on 12-Oct-2009 by vivian_tn

In line with the GEW 2009 Malaysian theme of ‘Taking the Local Global’, Warisan Global as the host of GEW is organising a series of business networking and insight sharing sessions under the banner of Global Insights.

These sessions are organised in collaborations with Embassies and High Commissions as well as Malaysian entrepreneurs who have successfully made their mark in foreign lands.

The Global Insights series is intended to serve as an avenue for young entrepreneurs in Malaysia and GEW partners to network, understand and connect with players from various countries around the globe. The sessions will also serve as a credible source of information on doing business overseas for the entrepreneurs.

Each session focuses on a particular region/continent with speakers invited from the respective countries. The first session was held on October 2nd and focused on the Asian Region. This session was presented by Mr. Jinadasa from the Sri Lankan High Commission and Mr. Eric Elnar from the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines. This session was very informative and interactive.

The next session on October 23rd will focus on the North American Region with a speaker from the High Commission of Canada as well as Mr. Sanjay Bose of Buzznet Malaysia, an entrepreneur who has successfully done business in the United States.

The remaining 4 sessions to be held in the coming weeks leading up to GEW will focus on the African, Australian, South American and the European regions.

In the true spirit of GEW partnership, the venue for all the Global Insights sessions is being sponsored by Plug n Play Technology and the refreshments is being sponsored by Kelantan Delights, both active GEW partners.

For more information on Global Insights including the latest calendar please visit If you know anyone who may be interested to speak at the next Global Insights session or need any further information or clarification, please contact the GEW Malaysia 2009 Secretariat at :

Vivian: / 012 307 0658

Tini: / 013 360 1012



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400 Aspiring Student Thinkers Get Engaged with Stanford Global Innovation Tournament (GIT)

 28 Comments- Add comment Written on 11-Oct-2009 by vivian_tn

9th October, University Utara Malaysia, Kedah –  A sneak preview of the Stanford Global Innovation Tournament (GIT), hosted for the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Malaysia, by Alpha Catalyst Consulting, Warisan Global and Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, gained an overwhelming support from the 400 student leaders crowd.

The Malaysian Outstanding Youth Conference (MOYC), attended by top university students, academicians and key community figures was held to connect youths with new knowledge, networks and opportunities that would build them to become outstanding individuals and contributors towards the nation’s development.

The final keynote address featured, Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia Co-Founder and GEW Youth Catalyst, Michael Teoh unveiling a sneak preview of the Stanford Global Innovation Tournament to aspiring students, eager to contribute their ideas in innovation.

‘The spirit was high in support for GIT and GEW among the 400 students, youth leaders and academicians in the hall that day. Many are already asking for questions to the tournament and have began to form teams, well before the tournament is even officially announced,’ says Michael Teoh, who is a featured speaker on ‘Youth Development & Entrepreneurship’ for GEW in MOYC.

The 1 day event, saw the participation of major public university student leaders from Sabah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Perlis and Kedah itself, effectively, bringing the announcement of GIT and GEW to a national scale in Malaysia.

‘We have the movers and shakers among university students here. Why waste this opportunity to ignite their passion for entrepreneurship with GIT and GEW? This is our role as GEW Youth Catalyst anyway, and we found this conference to be the most effective to reach out to all of them,’ adds Michael.

One of the more proactive teams from University Utara Malaysia, commented about their passion to win the tournament, in order to obtain a mentorship with CEOs of major corporations and having their ideas recognized by Stanford University.

Successful participants of the Global Innovation Tournament will enjoy numerous ‘Experiential-Awards’ like a day of mentorship with top executives from Microsoft, Air Asia X and Bank Rakyat. A chance to test-drive Porshe cars, a trip to China and recognition from world renowned university – Stanford University.

The Global Innovation Tournament (GIT) is a collaborative GEW Malaysia signature event, between Alpha Catalyst Consulting, Warisan Global and the GEW Youth Catalyst – Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia. 

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