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Catalyst Partner for Youth Entrepreneurship: Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia


Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia is in the business of creating an entrepreneurial community among youths in Malaysia. The community is driven by the collective efforts of youth entrepreneurs within Malaysia, who want to promote entrepreneurship among youths at the grassroots. Believing that youths can be more confident, empowered and facilitated to begin their entrepreneurial journeys when a community is built among all key players (Funding options, education coaches, associations, corporations, institutions, NGOs etc.), Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia aims to educate, develop and deploy youths into viable business projects for nation-building. The organization also believes in cultivating enterprising skills among youths, towards making them more marketable to employers in the market.

About the Founders


Michael Teoh is the Co-Founder of Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, who marveled his achievements in global business and consulting competitions worldwide. In 2008, he was one of the seven Finalist for the AYA Dream Malaysia Most Outstanding Youth Award and a 2-times Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) National Business Champion in New York and Singapore. In 2009, the 22 year-old is nominated for the Honda 'Our Challenging Spirit' Award for Passion and the Tune Talk's Chief Talker Election, advocating for more youth empowerment in entrepreneurship. He was also the only Malaysian student to be invited to participate in the Harvard Business Conference while furthering his studies in New Zealand. Michael enjoys working on business projects and consults youth organisations on strategies for the youth market.


Daniel Cerventus is the Founder of Malaysia Entrepreneurs, a growing community of entrepreneurs in Malaysia. He is well recognized within the entrepreneurial community as the one responsible for introducing BarCamp and TEDxKuala Lumpur into Malaysia, where both events have significantly drew the public's attention towards entrepreneurship. He continues to inspire youths and entrepreneurs in the country, with his undying passion for entrepreneurship and his resourcefulness in bridging differing communities and interest groups to support the growth of the country's entrepreneurship communities. Since his college years, he has kick-started several successful ventures which earned him, his passion for entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Daniel Cerventus

Catalyst Partner for Innovation: Alpha Catalyst Consulting

Alpha Catalyst Consulting (ACC), established in the year 2000, is a boutique Innovation Consulting company that is based in Malaysia. Its key focus is to help companies be more competitive by building their capacity and capability to innovate in line with the Asian culture. ACC, has done work in diverse industries ranging from banking sector, oil and gas right up to the telco industry. Apart from Malaysia, the ACC team has worked in Singapore, Indonesia and in the Middle East. 

ACC, has been involved in various social innovation projects to promote innovation and the innovative mindset amongst university students, parents, companies and within communities. One of ACC’s latest initiative was to conduct the Malaysia Innovation Climate Survey 2009 in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Centre, Malaysia, to get a more concrete perception of the state of innovation within Malaysian organizations. 


Azim Pawanchik, Principal Consultant and Founder,, Alpha Catalyst Consulting

Azim specializes in the areas of organizational change and innovation. He has vast experience in culture change projects, mergers and acquisitions and organizational innovation. He brings with him a rich understanding of the Asian culture when helping companies embark on the innovation journey. He has consulted and worked with companies such as DiGi, Panasonic, ABN AMRO, American Express, Shell, Technip, Petronas and many others. In addition, he also regularly speaks and presents in conferences and organizations on the subject of organizational innovation and creating a culture of innovation.

Plan for GEW 2009 Malaysia
Last year, for GEW 2008, ACC’s focus was to encourage the youth to embrace innovation. We provided scholarships to Generation Y executives and entrepreneurs for our workshop; I-workshop: Being an Innovation Catalyst at one of KL’s top boutique hotels. In an effort to mould the emerging minds towards innovation, we also held a talk at Petronas Galeri on the Parent’s Role to Encourage Creativity and Innovation among their children. Other activities included the launch of the Malaysian Innovation Climate Survey 2008 and various talks on innovation and the innovative mindset to university students and youth.

This year, we are expanding our reach and scope. We want to involve the youth, corporate sector as well as parents. Our company shall be hosting Stanford University’s Global Innovation Tournament. This lasts for 8 days during which the participants are to produce a 3 minute video on a solution to a global problem. The problem is released universally on the net on the 4th of November. Prior to this, we will be sharing with the students a framework on how to approach innovation and rapid prototyping; and the mindset needed to spur creative thinking. We hope that this will help them churn out more solid ideas during the tournament.

Secondly we are going on the road to conduct a series of talks on the Innovation Climate in Malaysia based on our Innovation Climate Survey (in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Center) done this year. We hope to inspire people to embrace innovation and be ready to lead Malaysia into the innovation economy. Lastly, during the week, we are planning to launch our book which will contain findings from the Malaysian Innovation Climate Survey and organize talks about need for another type of Climate Change; an organizational climate that is more conducive for innovation.

Catalyst Partner in Sabah

Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association (SWEPA) is an NGO where formation was spearheaded by the Economic Committee of the Sabah Women's Advisory Council in March 1993. It was registered with the Registrar of Societies in May 1994.

SWEPA is an organization dedicated to furthering professional and entrepreneurial development and increasing opportunity through networking and programs to transform and enhance the image and professional standing of members in society.

SWEPA aims to bring women entrepreneurs and professionals to the forefront in the economic development of the state and nation.

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