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Global Entrepreneurship Week Blog


GEW to help empower Ugandans to start their own businesses

 22 Comments- Add comment Written on 27-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

How can Uganda climb up the competitiveness and productivity ladder?

Uganda is participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week with an exciting array of events that tackle exactly this question and help empower young people to conquer the barriers in their country to turning an idea into reality. A theme that binds all events together is encouraging new and existing businesses to stay motivated and grow at a sustained rate.

Many events also focus on women in entrepreneurship, with activities focused on offering hands-on advice and role models to women who might not otherwise have the courage to begin their own business. A Speednetworking event will also help to bring African women entrepreneurs together to share ideas.

Check out the full list of events planned in Uganda.

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Italy highlights entrepreneurship in universities during GEW

 20 Comments- Add comment Written on 27-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

This year Global Entrepreneurship Week in Italy starts on November 16 with a kick-off event in Pisa that encourages not only students but also researchers, public officials and policy makers to explore innovative paths to meet the needs of modernization. The events,  co-organized by Mind the Bridge, will take place at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, an Italian public university known for its commitment to technological innovation.

With entrepreneurship in mind,  Face2Face: Capturing Creativity--one of the events organized by U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Italy--features a series of videos on the world of entrepreneurs. A Webchat will also allow students to interact with successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experience.

There will also be a day-long workshop, Start-Up Hack, in which experienced professionals will sit down with recent graduates to discuss their theses and business plans.

Find out more about what Italy has planned for GEW.

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SIFE to promote entrepreneurship in Canada

 35 Comments- Add comment Written on 21-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) teams across Canada are being challenged to operate events during Global Entrepreneurship Week,  including student entrepreneurship contests and entrepreneurship speaker engagements.

The goal of these activities is to raise awareness for the important role that SIFE teams are playing in the development of an entrepreneurial culture across our country.  When students involved with this program graduate from their respected institution, they are top recruits for major corporations and the next generation of great Canadian entrepreneurs.

Find out more about SIFE and what they have planned for GEW.

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MIT provides a timely message for GEW: How to Succeed in a Down Economy

 16 Comments- Add comment Written on 21-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

Do you have a great idea for a new business? Are you wondering if is the right time to start?

The MIT Enterprise Forum can help, with a global broadcast set to premiere November 16, during Global Entrepreneurship Week: "The Tough Get Growing: How to Succeed in a Down Economy". This forum will be moderated by Bo Fishback of the Kauffman Foundation and feature advice from several successful entrepreneurs.

Individuals around the world can easily incorporate this inspiring broadcast into their Global Entrepreneurship Week with just a few easy steps.

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Porsche experience and trip to China for Malaysia's top Global Innovation Tournament winner

 73 Comments- Add comment Written on 21-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

Not only will participants in the Malaysian Global Innovation Tournament have the chance to pick up valuable entrepreneurial skills, but they also might get an all-expense paid trip to China with AirAsia X and the change to get behind the wheel of a Porsche. Just like years past, students have formed teams and are tasked with coming up for a new use for an everyday object.

The solutions they come up with will be documented in videos and submitted to YouTube. Winners have a chance at a flight and cash to spend in China, private time with top CEOs, a Porsche Experience and much more.

The deadline for submissions is Nov. 4, with the winner of Malaysia going on to compete on the global level.

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Challenge Your World event to feature Guy Kawasaki in Montreal

 8 Comments- Add comment Written on 20-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

In connection with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009, Challenge Your World will launch an Idea Challenge entitled Action for a Better World. IdeaMakers from across the globe can submit their ideas for sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The deadline for video submissions is November 8..The top IdeaMaker will receive $ 5000 USD incentive, 3 months of development support and services, and will be recognized during Challenge Your World Rendez-Vous 09, which will feature a keynote presentation from Guy Kawasaki, who will talk about innovation and the use of social media to market ideas.

Challenge Your World believes a new generation of business can play a significant role in affecting positive change. Companies guided by sustainable practices can improve the lives of people and reverse the devastation in the environment without impacting profitability.

To move forward requires adopting a new perspective — a mindset where business works in harmony with the social and natural environments. It requires the promotion of a new “bottom line” that extends beyond financial return to account for a company’s investment in their community and the environment.

The successful companies of tomorrow will be those that are willing to challenge traditional business norms and see the opportunity in sustainable practices. This new generation of business will rise from the innovative ideas of today. The goal of Challenge Your World is to ensure these ideas reach their potential.

For Global Entrepreneurship Week this means an International Film Festival taking place Thursday, November 19. For the past several months, video artists from around the world have submitted highly creative visual concepts reflecting their ideas for a sustainable world.  During the Festival, these videos will be viewed and discussed in one of Montreal's renowned theaters.

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Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour bus hits the road in California

 7 Comments- Add comment Written on 18-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

One of the main events for GEW in the US is already underway, currently stopping at university campuses along the coast of California, in a tour bus affixed with the GEW logo.

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour is not your typical entrepreneurship event. It involves a large tour bus, music, text message voting, high-fives, and of course, tips and tools to turn an idea into reality.

During the Week there will be three stops in the US -- two in California and one in Michigan. At each stop, they'll be asking students to take the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur by signing a pledge to start a business within the next year.

Look for more on-the-road updates of the bus closer to the Week.

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Scottish government shares "Determined to Succeed" strategy during the Week

 17 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

A three-day international conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland November 15-18, highlighting the successful Determined to Succeed strategy developed by the Scottish Government.

The strategy stresses the importance of engaging with employers to set learning in context and giving it greater relevance to the world beyond school.

The free conference will bring together -- under the banner of Global Entrepreneurship Week -- leading practitioners, policy makers and people from across the globe who are passionate about delivering enterprising education for children and young people.

Find out more information and how to register.

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Bringing GEW into the classroom in Lithuania and Pakistan

 7 Comments- Add comment Written on 16-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

Lithuania and Pakistan are both bringing GEW into their classrooms on a grand scale.

In Lithuania, a number of interactive programs designed to reach entrepreneurs of all ages will take place. There will be a roundtable discussion led by the Ministry of Education and Science, a Speednetworking session for established entrepreneurs and executives, and a series of conferences for entrepreneurship teachers. For students, things get a bit more creative, with a complete immersion into the goals of GEW to engage and connect.

A handful of students will try their hand at managing a business enterprise for a few days, while university students will team up with classrooms in Ukraine and Belarus to work on assignments across borders. A final distance lecture will link the classrooms in a virtual, face-to-face discussion.

With innovation in mind, a photo contest called "New Things 2009" will invite students to take an item used for studying, leisure or home, and reinvent it as a new product.

In Pakistan, 390 students have engaged more than 8,000 students in the development of 177 youth-led projects, which will be implemented during November and December and showcased at schools during GEW.

Four national competitions have also been launched -- interactive theatre, poster, innovation marketplace and singing -- on the theme of "Mainstreaming Youth into the Development Process of Pakistan".

Register your GEW activity today so we can share it with the rest of the Unleashing Ideas network.

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Nobel Peace Prize winner joins GEW

 46 Comments- Add comment Written on 16-Oct-2009 by paigeingram

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus will take part in a conference in Russia during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Yunus has been lauded for his efforts to create economic and social development around the world. He is also on the board of directors of the United Nations Foundation.

The topic of the conference will be the "Role of Microfinance in Overcoming the Financial-Economic Crisis" and will also feature a number of other leading experts in the field of microfinancing.

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