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Samata Angel to joing GEW/Ghana as an ambassador

 7 Comments- Add comment Written on 16-Sep-2009 by paigeingram
The award-winning, British-born, Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur Samata Angel is now an ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship Week/Ghana Angel, the designer and TV personality behind the women's clothing label Muse, boasts clients ranging from Dawn Angelique, to Jennifer Lopez. In 2008, after an impressive showing at New York Fashion Week, Angel received a letter of recommendation from Prime Minister Gordon Brown to become an ambassador for the British campaign Girls! Make Your Mark. Samata's role as an ambassador for GEW Ghana will help to advance entrepreneurship in Ghana and shine a spotlight on Ghana's campaign. She's already been posting updates about the Week on Twitter @SamatAngel. Read more about the fashionista.
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Prime Minister of Australia supports Global Entrepreneurship Week/Australia

 18 Comments- Add comment Written on 25-Aug-2009 by brendenchaney

Over the last week I have been hearing a lot from the various country Hosts around the world about the support they are getting from some of their top political figures. Global Entrepreneurship Week/Australia, led by Matt Jones of Social Alchemy, has landed a big endorsement from Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:PM PHOTO

"Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009 is an international celebration to inspire, connect, mentor and engage the next generation of entrepreneurs. In an increasingly competitive global economy, our entrepreneurial skills and innovation will become more critically important than ever before for our economic success. Australia must nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people to ensure our nation prospers well into the future. We need to encourage our young people to have the confidence and drive to promote their good ideas and to create their own opportunities.

I encourage all young people to believe in their ideas, to work hard to achieve them, to be enterprising and have a positive vision for the future.

I wish you every success with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009.

The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister of Australia"

We have also heard that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, will take part in the launch event for GEW/UK. In Malaysia our outstanding Host, Dash with Warisan Global, has secured the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah, as a Patron for their campaign. And in Denmark, for the second year, the Danish Minister of Business and Economic Affairs, Mrs. Lene Espersen, will be hosting various activities for GEW/Denmark.

As we move closer to the Week we will surely hear about more and more political leaders supporting and getting involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week. Do you know of any other political leaders involved in your country?


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