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What is the most competitive country? Switzerland tops the list

 5 Comments- Add comment Written on 08-Sep-2009 by paigeingram

A recent report from the World Economic Forum ranks the competitiveness score of 130 countries. Switzerland tops the overall list, with the U.S. coming in at second, after several years of leading the rankings, citing a weakening of its financial markets and macroeconomic stability. Singapore ranked third with more Scandinavian countries--Sweden and Denmark--completing the list of the top five countries. European economies in general continue to prevail in the top 10 with Finland, Germany and the Netherlands following suit. 

The U.S. still topped the list in the realms of innovation and competitive indicators, but "a number of weaknesses particularly related to public and private institutions, as well as continuing burgeoning macroeconomic imbalances, have somewhat eroded the country’s overall competitiveness potential over the past years.”

Referencing the current global economic downturn, the authors of the report call for all countries to “not (lose) sight of long-term competitiveness fundamentals amid short-term urgencies.” This means providing young people with the tools and resources to think entrepreneurially--with innovation and creativity. It means finding mentors to help develop new ideas and building networks to expand these ideas around the country and the world. It will be up to this next generation to provide innovative ideas that keep countries around the world producing new technologies and best practices. One way to accomplish these goals is by taking part in Global Entrepreneurship Week--either as a participant, a partner or a mentor.

The World Economic Report, which has been released annually since 2005, bases its analysis on the Global Competitiveness Index, a comprehensive index that captures the microeconomic and macroeconomic foundations of national competitiveness. The report analyzes over 100 indicators, for a total of 133 countries. The report contains a detailed profile for each of these economies as well as data tables with global rankings covering each of the indicators.

View the report and rankings, as well as interviews with the reports’ co-authors.

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Angels + Dragons competition seeks out great ideas in Southeast Asia

 10 Comments- Add comment Written on 27-Aug-2009 by paigeingram

Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are joining forces to host a cross-border competition designed to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs. 

The competition is already underway, with the winner set to be announced during the Week. 

angels.gifThrough October 9, interested companies in the three countries are invited to create and implement a campaign that promotes or fosters entrepreneurship, social causes or create a change in people’s life. The campaign should be documented in a one-minute video and uploaded it to YouTube, linked it to Angels and Dragons website and heavily promoted -- those companies to move to the next stage of the competition will be based on which videos have the highest number of "thumbs up" public votes.

The top five companies will do a live pitch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 21 (during Global Entrepreneurship Week) to compete for RM25,000 angel investment for their business. The Angels and Dragons™ Live Pitch session is an event open to entrepreneurs and investors will be open to the public.

This competition is unique because it uses the power of Web 2.0 and exposes participating companies to a large internet audience. Angels and Dragons™  is also an innovative format for helping the angel and venture capital community to identity some of the best potential companies for investments. 

Interested companies from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia can obtain more information and register themselves for participation at the Angels and Dragons™ Web site. This competition is also supported by the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM).

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