What is it?

Speednetwork the Globe aims to bring together entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to unleash energy, share ideas and make connections -- fast. It’s one of Global Entrepreneurship Week’s official activities and it’s the easiest way for you to get involved. This is your chance to be part of something big! With over 85 countries participating this year, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to join in a global movement and expand your network!

How does it work?

The format is simple: all you need is a whistle and a group of people wanting to network! Gatherings can be as small as five, or as large as 50. Participants are given about five minutes to Speednetwork with another person. When time is up, a whistle is blown and everyone has to find someone new to talk to.

Why run a speednetworking event?

SNTG is an ideal way to get onboard Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009 and it’s the easiest activity to set up. Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should run one:

  • Easy. It requires minimum organisation and has a wide appeal.
  • Free. It’s generally free to host
  • Flexible. It can be tagged onto any other event as an icebreaker, or it can stand on its own and it can happen anywhere
  • Connections. It’s a brilliant way to make connections fast and ensure that no one is left out -invaluable for budding entrepreneurs and existing businesses.
  • Networking skills. SNTG is an easy and fun way to hone the key entrepreneurial skill of networking and fight the common fear of talking to strangers.
  • Solutions. It’s a brilliant way to brainstorm ideas and solutions. If you know the other participants already, it’s a quick way to share everyone’s ideas at the start.
  • Raise your profile. Holding a special, prominent Speednetworking event (unique/quirky location, high number of participants) will increase your media coverage.
  • Represent your country on a global platform. You will be representing your country along with over 88 other countries, all taking part in Speednetwork the Globe. Every event counts to make your location a prominent leader in Global Entrepreneurship Week and this will help put you on the map!

and finally...

Research shows that business start-ups are more likely to be by multiple people, not a lone entrepreneur. Furthermore, it is evident that the most successful ‘high-growth’ start-ups are those that combine youth and experience in a diverse founding team. The reasons for this may be quite obvious – working together individuals can fill the gaps in their knowledge, skills and passions, combine resources and provide all important emotional support for each other. Speednetworking is the fastest way to find the support and fill the gaps! 

Download the toolkit!

You can find everything you need from ideas, an activity checklist and a template press release in our special toolkit.

SNTG partner toolkit

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